I’m actually not as big a gamer as I *used* to be.  Doing (going on) 3 comics while having a non-comicking day job often leaves very little time for the vidya, or the animu, or even the normal TV.

When I do play the vidya, though, these days it’s almost always on my 360.  I’ve upgraded to the newer versions twice now and currently have the model that came out when the Kinect originally was released.

You know, the one with the actual vent above whichever system board fan that is.

It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with this time, but, still, my largest disappointment is that (AFAIK) Burnout 3 never made it to the 360 compatibility list.  In my opinion, #3 was the best Burnout game to date, but I suspect that the (excellent) soundtrack made up of alternative rocker bands that went on to get pretty popular makes it pretty expensive to pay for the licensing that would be required to move the game over to the 360 platform.  Good thing I’ve kept my original X-Box.

Have a good weekend, see ya Monday!