As you can see, Negative Zen is back. I will update 3 times a week at the start, but check out that RSS feed up there and you’ll get the skinny on whatever I’m doing.

Some of you might remember back in the day when NZ was being updated regularly, I switched between a few formats. This time around it’s all gonna be the animals and their pithy conversations. Is “pithy” even the right word? No matter, that’s what it’s gonna have to be.

I’m doing other things right now, as well! I’m over doing a comic with Chris Murdock at and I’ll be starting up a long-form of my own in the spring as well, which I will, of course, be letting you know about on this site.

This first comic is a proof-of-concept but I liked it enough that when Em over at NaniWear suggested I re-do it, I decided to do it as a “preview” so that I could get all the assets in place before I started making new ones. I might do a couple more “Greatest Hits” from the old site until I get the process kinks all smoothed out, but only the funnier ones (I promise).

Some old time readers might also note that the Bettas look different than before, but there’s a reason for that. Previously I had no idea the pedigree of the images I was using for the comics, which could be legally problematic. I took about 6-7 hours this last weekend and found a lot of public-domain (not CCL, not GPL, not royalty-free, but actually PD) images to use for the characters, while also recording where I found them. Makes me feel a lot more secure about it.

Anyway, big hopes this time around! See you Wednesday!

Steve W